'Twilight' Fans: How Did Jacob Black Lose The Twi-Fight?

'Twilight' Tuesday takes a closer look at just what happened to Taylor Lautner's werewolf in our tournament.

Hey, "Twilight" fans, how about our Twi-Fight tournament, eh?

As expected, the head-to-head competition between our favorite Stephenie Meyer-created characters has heated up in the first few rounds with some shocking early eliminations.

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I'm talking, of course, about Monday's shocking reveal of Jacob Black's demise. As a longtime Team Jacob member, I am having a hard time getting over the news. What the heck happened, people? Did my fellow Jacob fans forget to vote? I know the Team Edward and Team Bella fans wouldn't vote for Jake outright, but I don't think they voted against him either. At least I hope not, and maybe I underestimated Quil's fanbase. Still, all those things considered, Jacob is a major player in the saga, and since most "Twilight" fans respect the house that Meyer built, my assumption that Jake would be in it until the final rounds wasn't too far off-base. And I'm not the only one who is surprised.

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"I have to say it shocked me and not much shocks me when it comes to Twilight!" said Laura Byrne-Cristiano, co-owner of Twilight Lexicon. "The only thing that I can think of is that people forgot to vote on the right side of the bracket. Tyson Houseman is a nice guy, but I didn't think his fans would oust Taylor Lautner and Jacob!"

Kallie Mathews of Twilight Series Theories worked up a sound case for the fact that fans might have voted with just the final movie in mind, which focuses mainly on Bella and Edward.

" 'Breaking Dawn' is all about Bella and Edward, and the way the book has been split up for the movie has put even more emphasis on their relationship," Matthews said. "I'm sure we'll see some of Jacob and Nessie, but I think fans are holding out for them to take on the lead roles in their own story someday."

Mathews makes a solid point about fans being focused only on "Breaking Dawn," but Jacob isn't exactly waiting in the wings in the final book. He had his own first-person-perspective chapter, along with his evolving and increasingly important relationship with Renesmee. Still, I'm torn. Fans could have voted with only "Breaking Dawn" in mind, but I also think they could have plum forgot to cast votes for the other side of the bracket. Either way I'm stunned and bummed and might have to jump on Quil's bandwagon.

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