One Direction's Batman Battle: Who's The Ultimate Fan?

As Zayn flaunts his comic-book tattoo, Liam channels his inner superhero.

Does One Direction have something for comic books? This weekend Liam Payne dressed up as Batman for Halloween festivities, after bandmate Zayn Malik rolled up his sleeves to flaunt his comic-inspired ink.

Zayn previously gave us a glimpse of the tattoo — a thick, red splat with a yellow-lettered "ZAP!" — at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Although he could have gone with a "Bam!" or a "Pow!," the common three-letter words that packed punches in the old DC Comics, he stuck with the "Z"-led "Zap!"

The Batman-styled tattoo might be a new direction for Zayn, who just released new single "Little Things" with the guys. The band's go-to tattoo artist told MTV News that Zayn's tats have been mostly music-oriented so far.

"[Zayn's tattoos are] all music related, which is a big part of his life and stuff," said Kevin Paul, who is based in the band's native U.K. "I always tell people to have things that are personal to them 'cause if you have things that are personal you are never going to regret it."

Even with Liam's professed love for Batman, will Zayn's tat push Liam to get Batman ink of his own? Maybe after his new one dries. After all, Liam just got a new tattoo Saturday, tweeting out a picture of his wrist with the words "Only time will tell..."

So is it too early to declare which one of the 1D guys wins as most devoted comic-book fan? Dressing up as Batman definitely shows dedication, but permanent ink? That certainly takes the cake.

Oh wait, did we say cake?

With one more pic, Liam's birthday cake proves his Batman love. He might just be 1D's in-house true comic-book fanatic.

Which One Direction boy do you think is the biggest Batman fan? Leave your thoughts in the comments!