Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘This Kiss’ Video Is A Good Old-Fashioned Rave

Singer has some '90s style fun and shares an underwater kiss in her latest video.

Carly Rae Jepsen goes rolling with her homies in her brand-new video for “This Kiss.” While the track recalls the synthy, bubble-gum pop of the 1980s, parts of the video certainly hark back to the 1990s, thanks to one of the singer’s key fashion choices and some of the party games played at the fete.

The video follows Jepsen as she arrives at a bash that looks somewhat like the warehouse raves so prevalent of that bygone era (think No Doubt’s “New” video from 1999 or the one Dawson Leery and the crew hit up on “Dawson’s Creek”), filled with twenty-somethings just looking to dance, and probably kiss, the night away. In between flirting with a cute guy and his pal (the latter is played by “Fun Size” actor Thomas McDonell), the singer also takes the stage rocking a chain-wallet and a big smile.

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