'Walking Dead' Burning Questions: What's Wrong With The Governor?

The Governor gets in our heads in the latest episode of AMC's zombie drama.

Severed zombie heads and super-tea are just some of the hot topics pouring out of the latest episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Walk with Me."

At long last, the nefarious Governor has made his debut, and along with it comes a whole host of questions — his head-hunting habit chief among them. But the Governor isn't the only one raising our eyebrows, either: Michonne, the silent sword-wielding warrior who has protected Andrea over the past several months, is emerging as a player with her own secrets to keep. How long will it be before her quiet rage can't be hushed any longer, and the whole world of Woodbury starts hearing her calamitous roar?

Read on for five more questions we have from this week's episode of "Walking Dead."

What's With The Heads?

The Governor without a name has no problem saying "never" to some questions, but we're hoping he'll be a bit more forthcoming when it comes to other topics. For instance: why does he have no issue murdering some to protect a few? Where does he really come from? How did he come to power? What do his plans really involve? And, yeah, that question about the heads. Why the hell does he have an army of zombie domes floating around in fish tanks? For now, we're happy to wait on the answers and just watch David Morrissey do his thing. That guy is truly killing it as the Governor.

What About Bob?

Or Martinez? Or Lilly? The Woodbury of comic book lore contains some excellent, if briefly seen, characters, and we're sure hoping to get a fuller look at them on the show — like Bob, the town drunk who the Governor has a soft spot for. That's not even mentioning the Governor's daughter, who we saw very quickly in a photograph near the episode's end. If we're going by the comics, then Penny is still lurking around somewhere... though the how's and why's have grislier answers than we'd care to share here.

Who Were The Pets?

Michonne never told Andrea who her jawless, armless zombie companions really were. And she still doesn't have any plans to reveal their identities. It doesn't take a tea-brewing genius to know that these monsters were once people Michonne had strong feelings towards. But considering her closed-off nature, and the fact that she never once spilled the beans to Andrea in all their months together, we're not entirely sure that we'll ever find out who Michonne's pets really were.

How Will Michonne Get Her Sword Back?

Because it's a question of how, not if. Nothing stands between a zombie-killing samurai and her weapons of war for too long, not even the guy with no name. Whether or not Woodbury proves more formidable for the wandering warrior than she or we realize, there's only one way this ends: with Michonne's sword firmly in hand, and more than a few enemies cut down on her path.

Who Will Win?

Okay, so now we know who's playing on the other team. It's Rick versus the Governor, the prison versus Woodbury, and we're getting a clearer sense of the opposition now. Rick Grimes has shown himself to be a much more ruthless ruler than ever before this season, but even if he's happy to bury a machete into the skull of his nearest enemy, is he tough enough to withstand an attack from the Governor and his minions? Something tells us we won't have to wait more than a few more episodes to find out.

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