'Walking Dead' Creator Welcomes You To Woodbury

Robert Kirkman explains why it took so long to get to the Governor storyline on season three of 'Walking Dead.'

As this week's "Walking Dead" happily demonstrated, Woodbury has everything you could possibly want from a post-apocalypse community: organized leadership, medical supplies, food and drink aplenty, decapitated heads floating after-lifelessly in water tanks, protective walls...

Wait. We should back up.

Yes, the walls of Woodbury keep the undead threat at bay, but who is watching The Governor? Actor David Morrissey made his "Walking Dead" debut on Sunday's episode, titled "Walk with Me," illustrating a character who is unequal parts messianic leader, shameless flirt, and homicidal maniac. When he's not busy charming the pants off of newcomers, the otherwise nameless Governor spends his time experimenting on walkers, murdering other survivors and taking their supplies, lying to his own people about how said supplies were gathered, and tuning into his personal collection of zombie heads like they're the hottest thing on television.

Woodbury was a welcome departure from the prison-only setting of the previous two "Walking Dead" episodes. The question is, what took so long? "Walking Dead" creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman told MTV News that the wait for Woodbury was a necessary and very carefully made decision.

"For the first two seasons, this has been Rick's show. We've known that cast. Coming into the third season and picking up with those characters and finding out where they are and what's going on with them has been very important," he explained. "We're adding a lot of new elements into the show this season, and we've been very careful to parse them out in a way that isn't too jarring. We definitely wanted to get back into the 'Walking Dead' show we know and love before we started into the crazy evolution of this new 'Walking Dead' that people are going to be blown away by."

Blown away is a bit of an understatement considering the closing moments of "Walk with Me." But as surprised as viewers were to see the Governor's gruesome habit firsthand, imagine how Andrea and Michonne will react when — not if — they learn his true nature. Michonne, currently swordless, is already distrustful of the Governor, but Andrea is tantalized by the Woodbury leader. Their differences in opinion aside, Kirkman said that Michonne and Andrea represent a new kind of friendship and companionship in the zombie apocalypse, one that the Woodbury storyline will go to great lengths to explore.

"I think they're two very strong warrior women, for lack of a better term," he said. "They relate on the strength they both have. These are two women who grew a tremendous amount of respect for each other very quickly. Michonne met Andrea by watching her take out a bunch of zombies just before she got into a little bit of trouble. They started in a pretty good way, with one saving the other. That kind of thing has occurred time after time over the past few months. I think if you sit down and do the math, one thing that's interesting is that Andrea's time with Rick and the group is actually a shorter amount of time than her time with Michonne. While we may not have seen a lot of that stuff, they've grown a much stronger bond than Andrea might have grown with even Dale. We'll see a lot more of that moving forward."

But will their bond survive the stress of Woodbury? And will Andrea's flirtation with the Governor prove deadly? The jury is still out. But Kirkman said that if there's one thing working in Andrea's favor, it's this: "She's got Michonne looking out for her. I think anyone's got good odds if they have her on their side."

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