'X Factor' Coach L.A. Reid Gets Marcus Canty 'Amped' For EP Release

This...Is Marcus Canty has that 'ring-a-ling,' Canty tells MTV News.

Following his elimination during the inaugural season of "X Factor," Marcus Canty promised fans it would not be the last time you see him. Turns out, Canty is a man of his word.

In the months since his fourth-place finish, Canty signed on to Epic Records and has been in the studio perfecting his sound with his former "X Factor" mentor, and now boss, L.A. Reid.

It seems like all that hard work has finally paid off because Canty is ready for the world to hear his new material as he sets to release debut EP This...Is Marcus Canty on October 30.

"This EP, I want to make sure that its classic," Canty recently told MTV News. "That it's memorable."

For the first single off the EP, the R&B singer showed off his impressive voice with the hard-hitting track "In & Out" featuring Wale.

"It had the elements that I needed to make a classic dance record," Canty said of the single. "It got that Shabba Ranks sample in the beginning of it, the 'ring-a-ling,' it has that Jamaican island feel and then it has big drums and then I'm singing, I'm singing to my full voice. I feel like every time you do a record and it's a hit, you've got to give it your all on that record, that's what makes the hits. I gave my all on that record."

And for those fans that couldn't get enough of "In & Out," they're in luck, since Canty revealed that it sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

"This is setting the tone, lyrically it sets the tone, melodically it sets the tone, it shows you that I can sing," Canty said. "It sets up the EP for greatness. I want to make classic music and I've made it. I'm ready to put it out for you."

Yet, before he was allowed to release his EP to the masses, Canty had to get the seal of approval from Reid.

"L.A. Reid loves all my records and obviously there are some specifics that he likes better, but he loves every record I cut," Canty said. "For him being excited too, it makes me excited. It makes me more amped to go out and do more, learn more and to do so much more. Him backing me up is just so huge."