Robert Pattinson Recalls Seeing Kristen Stewart Play A Vampire For The First Time

'It was funny seeing someone suddenly come into it,' the 'Twilight' star told MTV Australia.

When "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" finally sinks its teeth into cinemas on November 16, fans will get their first look at former mortal Bella Swan flexing her vampire muscles. But if actress Kristen Stewart was apprehensive about biting into the badass role, she certainly didn't show it, co-star Robert Pattinson says.

"She was really excited about being a vampire," Pattinson told MTV Australia while Down Under promoting the film franchise's finale. "Everyone else who'd been pretty consistently in the movies had obviously been playing vampires every day for ages, so it was funny seeing someone suddenly come into it and try to figure out their own version of the physicality and mentality of it."

Of course, it probably made Stewart's job a little easier that one of Bella's special quirks is her immunity to the often crippling side effects of becoming a bloodsucker. "But she also — her character has a different thing, her character is supposed to find it really easy," Pattinson continued. "It's supposed to be her natural progression to become a vampire. It's supposed to be simple, so I guess it was kind of different."

In addition to arm wrestling brother-in-law Emmett, one of the major displays of Bella's new strength and speed will be during the Cullen's epic showdown with the Volturi — a scene that was even more grand in scope than many fans may realize.

"This one was hard," Pattinson said. "We were shooting this big action sequence for about two-and-a-half months in a massive warehouse where they normally sell cows, with a bunch of fake paper snow and green walls. You literally start to go insane after a while. It gets tough doing stuff like that — a bit repetitive."

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