Axl Rose Stages Surprisingly Normal Return On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Guns N' Roses frontman showed up on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Wednesday night for his first live TV interview in more than 20 years, and we were taking notes.

On Wednesday night, mercurial Guns N' Roses mastermind Axl Rose showed up to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" for his first live television interview more than two decades, a free-wheeling chat meant to promote GN'R's upcoming residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas (it kicks off on October 31 ... spooky!).

And while the whole thing was pretty cordial — if not a little awkward at the beginning (not surprisingly, Axl does not like reminiscing about the past) — as is often the case with, well, everything Axl, his "Kimmel" appearance also ended up being so much more. And we're not even talking about Rose's amazing menagerie of jewelry, either.

So, just in case you missed it (how could you?!?), here are some of the highlights from Axl's triumphant return to the late-night chat circuit. Hopefully this will tide you over until his next appearance, currently scheduled for "Late Show with Louis C.K." in 2032.

Axl is still incredibly popular: Any Guns fan can probably attest to this point, but here's a prime example from last night. From the moment Kimmel first mentioned Rose's name in his intro, the audience began cheering wildly. And they didn't stop for fifty-five seconds. In fact, they probably would've cheered through the entire interview, had Kimmel not told them to pipe down. And all of this was before Rose even uttered a single word.

Axl was a pretty cool manager: Rose recounted his days managing Tower Video on Sunset Blvd thusly: "I'd let everybody have beers after work." And he didn't even write anyone up for being late, either. Sure, he's gotten a tad more strict since then (just ask Slash), but, hey, we'd totally work for him.

Axl loves Halloween: He throws Halloween parties at his house (he even springs for a "Halloween tree") and once dressed up as a giant ear of corn. We can't even begin to imagine what kind of candy he hands out to trick-or-treaters, though we're reasonably sure he doesn't mess around with that "Fun Size" bulls---.

Axl doesn't vote: Because "[He's] in California, and it usually leans Democratic." Though, if he did cast a ballot in the presidential election, who'd get his vote? "I would lean Obama," he said. You know, despite the fact he totally stole Obama's thunder with the interview, which happened to be on the same night the Commander in Chief sat down with Jay Leno.

Axl is actually a pretty normal dude: Despite everything you've read/heard/witnessed firsthand, perhaps the most startling revelation to come out of his "Kimmel" appearance is Rose's normalcy. He cracked jokes, he didn't smash anything, and he enjoys Tommy's Hamburgers so much he brought enough for everyone in the audience.

Axl is an accomplished interior decorator: At one point Kimmel produced a framed Oscar Wilde quote ("Punctuality is the Thief of Time") that Rose has hanging in his house. It was written in elegant calligraphy. Compare that to anything in Tommy Lee's house and tell us who has better taste.

Axl regrets nothing: Not even the cornrows.