'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Five Burning Questions

Tony's armor gets a mind of its own in Shane Black's new Marvel movie.

The "Iron Man 3" trailer dropped a lot of knowledge on our laps this week. What would Shane Black's vision of Tony Stark's universe look like? How would Tony handle the aftermath of the Battle of New York and his time with Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Just how bad will things get for everyone's favorite Armored Avenger?

While we have answers for a lot of those questions, there are still some points we're unclear on or otherwise worried about. Read on for our five burning questions from the "Iron Man 3" trailer.

What's Gotten Into Iron Man?

We mean that literally. What's inside that Iron Man armor making it go haywire against Tony and Pepper? Is it a person with bad intentions? A corrupt Jarvis running wild? Or are we misreading the scene, and the "rogue" Iron armor is actually trying to warn or help our hero?

What's Gotten Into Tony Stark?

Put the suit aside and look at the man. The trailer sees Tony Stark on an operating table for unknown reasons. Is he merely the most illness prone Avenger of them all? Or are we seeing the beginnings of Tony getting outfitted with Extremis, the comic book nanotechnology that allows his Iron Man armor to form from within his body?

Who Will Die?

Smart money says Happy Hogan's days are numbered as we see him covered in blood in the middle of the trailer. But we also see Pepper screaming in agony at one point in the trailer, too. After "Avengers," we know how Marvel feels about stakes: they have to have them, and there's no better way than killing somebody we love. Start the death watch now.

Mandarin: Man or Mystic?

We know Ben Kingsley has the rings. But do they function the way that they do in the comic books? Which is to say, is there a magical component to movie-Mandarin, or is he firmly grounded in the "real world" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Considering his liberal use of firearms and tech in bringing Tony down, we're betting on the latter.

Are The Avengers Assembling?

Tony has been having nightmares ever since the game-changing Battle of New York. Mandarin can be seen with what looks to be a Captain America tattoo on the back of his neck at one point. Heck, we even see Tony closing the trailer out with his best "Lonely Man" impression. With more than one "Avengers" reference in the mix, should we start wondering whether one or more of Earth's mightiest heroes might come calling on our Armored Avenger after all?

What are your burning "Iron Man 3" questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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