Snooki Plans Lorenzo's First Halloween ... Of Heroic Proportions

'Jersey Shore' star and fiance Jionni LaValle talk about their plans for October 31 and beyond on the 'Today' show on Wednesday.

Snooki's son, Lorenzo, might only be two months old, but that doesn't mean he hasn't already picked out his Halloween costume. When the "Jersey Shore" star stopped by the "Today" show with fiancé Jionni LaValle on Wednesday (October 24), she revealed her superhero-themed plans for October 31.

"I'm going to be Wonder Woman. He's going to be Captain America and Lorenzo's going to be Superman," she shared. But don't expect to see Snooki hitting up the party scene come Halloween. These days, her life is all about being a mom.

"It's crazy. You know me! I just always want to have good time and now it's just like, 'I love my baby. What can I do with him?'" she said about her new outlook on her free time. "It's just totally different."

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She later added, "I definitely partied for, like, three people for my entire life, so I feel like, I have a family, I have a baby now, and I feel like I have a new chapter now. I love it."

Daddy Jionni shared that their bundle of joy most resembles his mom, and, as it turns out, his personality is as wacky as his mom's as well. "I think he just craves attention and I feel like that's me. I tried to make him look good. He likes to wear sweats and I like to put him in nice outfits, polos, so he has to look good," she said.

But just because Snooki likes the spotlight, that doesn't mean that she and Jionni will keep the cameras rolling on Lorenzo as he grows up. "Right now it's fine, while he's this young. But once school starts, I think, when he gets a little older, I kind of want him to branch off from that," LaValle shared, with Snooki adding, "We want him to have a normal life, where he goes to school, he has friends, girlfriends. I want him to have those learning experiences that we did growing up. I want it to be as normal as possible."

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