Bruno Mars Broke Records At His First Job As Mall DJ ... Literally

Ellie Goulding, Xzibit, Miguel, Lance Bass and the guys of 'The League' share stories with MTV News about their worst jobs.

These days, celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Miguel might be at the top of their games. But there was a time in their lives when they weren't much better off than the kids on MTV's latest scripted series, "Underemployed."

The show's Chi-Town characters should take note: don't fret too hard over your current less-than-stellar jobs. Why? Well, if these stars prove anything, it's that once you pay your career dues, all that is left to do is rise all the way to the top.

Take Bruno Mars for instance. Before finding chart-topping success, he attempted an early career in music. Unfortunately, he picked the one part of the industry he knows nothing about. "I was 18-years-old. The worst job I ever had was I applied to be a DJ at the mall at the Beverly Center. The only problem was I don't know how to DJ," he recalled. "So I showed up to the Beverly Center with my friend's records and I broke their record player."

While Mars' gig was at least a bit glamorous, Ellie Goulding was busy getting her hands dirty. Like, very dirty. "Well I grew up in a village and down the road was a pub called the Royal George and I used to clean the toilets," she shared. "Men's toilets, mainly."

Xzibit shared his own rather colorful pre-fame occupation. While he wasn't pimping rides just yet, he was tricking out something sweeter. "The worst job I ever had was working at the Original Cookie Company, and it was like at the mall, and it was like one of those places where you just write 'Congratulations' on the big chocolate chip cookie," he said, before sharing how he shifted gears to an entirely different trade.

Do the "Jersey Shore" girls' first jobs beat Bruno's gig?

"One of my homeboys came by and said 'You know what you doing? I got some bags,' " he added. "And I was like, 'Man, I'm working.' He was like, 'Yo, you want to make some real money?' I said 'Yeah,' and that was the first day I started selling c----."

Before pop superstardom, *NSYNC's very own Lance Bass was famous for being someone else at his local mall back in his native Mississippi. "When I was 15, I dressed up as Poo Fu the Dog. It was kind of like Barney. I'd go around the malls at Christmastime. But the worst thing about it was inside the suit it was like 120 degrees and I would just sweat my ass off every day," he shared.

Sure, R&B crooner, Miguel, has the ladies swooning with his smooth jams these days, but he recalled a time when women weren't as enthusiastic about his charms. "I sold extended car warranties. This is like rock bottom. This is like my girlfriend broke up with me cause I cheated on her," he said to MTV News. "And this job was like way out from where I lived and it was all bad."

While Miguel was busy hustling car warranties, "The League" star Jon LaJoie was pushing the pleasures of fried dough on people in order to make some, well, dough. "I worked in a theme park at a dough-frying place called Beaver Tails. I probably gained like forty pounds while I worked there," he said. "Of course free food, when you're making $6.50 an hour you're eating beaver tails all the time."

His co-star, Stephen Rannazzisi, on the other hand, saw a lot of red just to earn some green. "I drove an older woman to dialysis three times a week. They get a needle in her arm and sometimes she would not tell me and bleed. It was horrible," he said. "She wasn't the nicest woman in the world."

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