'Happy Endings' Star Says There's 'Little Bit Of Racism' In Season Three

Elisha Cuthbert opens up to MTV News about reconciling with her TV ex and her racist pet parrot for season three, which kicks off Tuesday.

The "Happy Endings" crew will be back for more fast-talking shenanigans on Tuesday night (October 23) as the show kicks off its third season. And star Elisha Cuthbert notes that while it was touch and go for a while there, with no one sure the show would make it this far, it's all thanks to the love and support of the show's supportive fanbase that more "Happy Endings" will make its way onto ABC this season.

When she sat down with MTV News, Cuthbert (who plays Alex on the show) thanked the "die-hard" fans for keepin the sitcom, which follows a group of friends in Chicago, "alive and thriving." "It takes times for audiences to catch on and to know that what we're doing is good," she said. "As long as we put out great work and it's funny and we put out quality, the audience will be there."

"The thing is, we took risks... and luckily the audience liked it last year," she added. "And, again season three we're doing the same thing. We're bringing it. We try to be clever."

And during Tuesday night's premiere, even more risks will be taken when an old friend of Alex's returns, and he has a rather colorful vocabulary. "My racist pet parrot comes back this season," she said. "Thank God, 'cause who doesn't need a little bit of racism on a comedy? So he comes back, which I think is really great. I had to do a whole scene with him on my arm. I wanted him on my shoulder but they said that takes training."

In addition to her former pet, her former flame, Dave (played by Zachary Knighton) also seems to have found a way back into her life. After breaking off their engagement when the series kicked off, the former couple spent the last two seasons dating everyone but each other. But, now it seems reconciliation is hot and heavy.

"Dave and I are back together or we're together," she said. "We were, [during the] first two years, going through the breakup obviously and trying to become friends. And now that that's all solved, we thought we'd throw a little wrench in the mix and have ourselves dating off the top of the show.

"And I don't know where we're gonna go with it," she added. "We're still together at this point. It's nice because you get to see why these two were together in the first place, which we haven't really gotten to show the audience yet. And we're both totally nuts and goofy and stupid. It's funny."

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