Taylor Swift Had Ed Sheeran On 'Really, Really Small List' Of Dream Collabos

'He turned out to be one of the most amazing co-writers and such a great friend,' Swift tells MTV News of Red contributor.

Taylor Swift has proven over her six-year career that she can not only pen a hit track, but she can bring to life any emotion through her upfront song lyrics.

Yet, what might be most impressive feat is that Swift has, for the most part, done it mostly on her own — until now. With her fourth album, Red, released Monday, Swift teams up with pop producers Max Martin and Shellback, collaborates with Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody on "The Last Time," and teams up with British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran on the much talked-about duet "Everything has Changed."

"I think for me with this album I only collaborated with people that were on that really, really small list of people that I was dying to work with," Swift recently told MTV News. "Absolutely dying to work with."

And it seems that folk singer Sheeran was close to the top of that list after Swift heard one of his singles while traveling abroad.

"I was in Australia when I first saw Ed Sheeran's music video for 'Lego House' and I was so blown away by his voice that I found a way to get his album, the entire album, even though it was not on sale in the U.S. yet,' Swift admitted. "And became a huge fan."

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Luckily for Swift, Sheeran just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

"At the same time, he ran into someone in the States who was with my management company and mentioned to them that he wanted to work with me," Swift said. "And so when I got that message back I just thought, 'This has to happen, reach out to him right away. I will fly to him. I will go to his show. I don't care. I want to write with him,' and he turned out to be one of the most amazing co-writers and such a great friend."

"Everything has Changed" instantly became a fan favorite upon Red's release and had Swift and Sheeran "freaking out" after they nabbed the top spot on the iTunes single charts on Monday.

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