Who's The Wanted's 'Bound And Gagged' Woman In 'I Found You'?

Boy band reveals 'grimy' secrets from the music video's set with MTV News, frame by frame.

The Wanted get down and dirty in their latest music video for their sultry new track, "I Found You," the first single off their upcoming third studio album. The British-Irish boy band show off their dark side in the gangster-inspired clip, directed by Chris Marrs Piliero.

MTV News recently caught up with The Wanted to break down the concept of the video, which already has over 5 million views on YouTube since last week's release, and they told us some secrets from the set.

"It was very fun. We got to fend a lot of frustrations with some stunt guys," Tom Parker said. "I think it's very British. There's another side to London. It's got its grimy parts. I think we wanted to show a dirtier side to The Wanted and a little bit of a dirty side to London and I think we achieved it."

The clip kicks off with a parental advisory warning, but Jay McGuiness said the video could have been "much worse" and that they had to actually tone down the content. Yet, the group still managed to shock fans as they open the video with a shot of a woman who is bound and gagged. Fun fact about the damsel-in-distress: she is actually Nathan Sykes' friend's girlfriend.

"You notice how she's the first shot," McGuiness said. "So it keeps the other lads watching."

The video continues with The Wanted walking through the streets of London, which they revealed they had to reshoot "at least one hundred times," but they didn't seem to mind, since they had a special canine friend with them, Boris the dog.

"Boris was the greatest actor in the entire video," McGuiness said.

Max George added, "Boris is the closest I've gotten to a date in the past four months."

The Wanted then move on to have a boy-band showdown as they are throwing punches against alleged kidnappers. The boys do all their own stunts in the video, and luckily no one got hurt, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

"Tom's guy had a bit of padding in his ribs because he was taking serious rib shots," McGuiness said. "But Tom got way too excited, he lost control and punched him in the face, but because he's little, I don't think it hurt him that much."

After taking down the bad guys, Nathan appears to be freeing the girl, but instead, steals a key from her pocket to unlock a safe of diamonds and leaves her with a kiss and her hands still tied.

"I Found You" will be available on iTunes November 4.

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