Taylor Swift Unveils Early Red 'Demos' On Deluxe LP

'I would have put these three songs that I wanted so badly to be on the album,' 'State of Grace' singer tells MTV News.

Taylor Swift is continuing on the path of music domination. On Tuesday, Swift's track "I Knew You Were Trouble" gave the singer her 50th song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, and her fourth album Red, released Monday, is sitting comfortably on top of the iTunes charts.

Red, which features 16 unapologetic, mature and emotional tracks, showcases Swift at her best, giving her fans something that they've never heard from the 22-year-old singer before.

However, Swift told MTV News that she was hoping to give fans much more — three extra tracks that couldn't fit on the album. Yet, now fans will be able to hear these songs on the Red deluxe edition only available at Target.

"These are songs that I wanted to put on the album," Swift told MTV News at a Target listening party in New York City. "If I had been allowed to put 19 tracks on the record, I would have put these three songs that I wanted so badly to be on the album, and the fact that I get to share them with fans anyway feels so great."

The deluxe edition features six tracks, including three new songs, "Come Back ... Be Here," "Girl At Home" and the very personal song, "The Moment I Knew, " which paints the picture of Swift at her birthday party, waiting for a guy that never shows.

Rounding out the deluxe edition are two demo versions of "Treacherous" and "Red" and a remix version of the pop-rock single, "State of Grace."

"[There are] two demo versions of songs, and that means that what we recorded the first day that I went in and wrote those songs," Swift said about the additional tracks. "And the third one is actually a different version of a song called "State of Grace," that's like a really uptempo rock song and the version on the Target release is really acoustic and like emotional and sweet."

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