Chris Brown Teases U.G.L.Y.'s Bloody 'Red' Video: See It Here!

Brown plays director and embraces his goth side for rock band signed to his new label.

Singer-turned-auteur Chris Brown has certainly starred in plenty of his own music videos, so he has a pretty good idea of what people want to see. Now, he's ready to give some others their own close-ups. The singer is helming the newest music video from U.G.L.Y., a rock act signed to his CBE imprint.

The singer tweeted out pictures from the video set of the band's single, "Red," on Monday. Several of the shots focus on the band's leading lady, Stormi Henley (a former Miss Teen USA), in goth-inspired looks.

The imagery from the clip is very provocative, with Stormi, nearly naked and covered in blood, strapped to a gurney. Another shot features her in an all-white gown, blood-soaked again, standing in front of a Lamborghini. For another scene, she wears the same dress (this time blood-free) and stands alone, bathed in bright pink lighting. No word yet on when the video or the song are slated to drop.

The group's name stands for Underneath Greatness Lies You, and it consists of Henley, as well as fellow bandmates Mijo, Braxton and Ethan. U.G.L.Y. are one of several acts on his Chris Brown Entertainment imprint. Other artists include rapper Kevin McCall, singer Sabrina Antoinette, former RichGirl member Sevyn and singer Joelle James.

Earlier this year, Brown opened up about why he wanted to launch a record label of his own. Telling Rap-Up, "I want to make sure that every artist I work with is happy and they get a fair chance because we doing all the work."

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