'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Watch Now!

Tony Stark returns in his first post-'Avengers' appearance in Marvel's new 'Iron Man 3' trailer.

Tony Stark has a lot of apologies to make. But he has nothing to feel sorry about when it comes to the brand new "Iron Man 3" trailer.

Marvel Studios have released the first official trailer for their next "Iron Man" film, and it's clear that Stark's next blastoff will be darker than ever before; the trailer opens with a battered and broken Tony landing squarely on his back in a dark, frozen wasteland, thinking to himself that he has "a lot of apologies to make."

"Nothing's been the same since New York," he continues, referring to the events of "The Avengers." He speaks over flashing images of the various characters in his life from best pal James "Rhodey" Rhodes (in his new, patriotic War Machine armor no less) to his new nemesis Aldrich Killian, played by Guy Pearce.

"You experience things, and then they're over," he says. "I can't sleep. And when I do, I have nightmares. Honestly, there's 100 people who want to kill me. I hope I can protect the one thing I can't live without."

We see that Tony is speaking with Pepper Potts, his love interest since the very first "Iron Man" film. The two of them lie asleep in bed at night, but their slumber is rudely awakened by the arrival of an Iron Man suit hovering over Pepper's bed — even though Tony is already lying right next to her.

Next, one by one, all of Stark's various armors erupt in explosion, clearly caused by the menace known as Mandarin. Ben Kingsley plays the iconic comic book villain with a bit of a twist, seemingly forgoing his mystic background in favor of a real-world terrorist twist, as seen by the hand gun he cocks near the end of the trailer, and the massive firepower he uses to level Casa del Stark.

"Ladies, children, some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher," he says in an ominous voice as a plane explodes and passengers fall from the sky. "Lesson number one: heroes? There is no such thing."

But even as the climax of the trailer sees Tony pinned underwater by the rubble of his own home, we all know how wrong Mandarin is about his first lesson; the footage closes with our hero dragging his own armor through the snowy scene seen at the trailer's outset. There are heroes, Mandarin. It just so happens that this one has initiated ghost protocol.

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