Taylor Swift 'Freaking Out' Over Red's Instant Success

'I love that they are understanding that this is something completely new,' Swift tells MTV News of her fans.

NEW YORK — It's been two years of planning, preparing, writing and recording, but the day has finally come: On Monday (October 22), Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated fourth album, Red.

MTV News caught up with Swift on the big day, and as expected, she was completely thrilled that her fans could finally listen to the collection of personal, emotional and honest songs.

"This is a crazy feeling," Swift said at a Target listening party Monday. "I mean, these are songs that I've worked on for two years and worked so hard to make different from everything I've done before, and the fans are really getting that. I love that they are understanding that this is something completely new, and it's just a wonderful feeling."

Swift, whose Red is already #1 on the iTunes album chart, took a new approach with her latest effort, mixing different sounds and working with new writers. She's excited that fans have embraced her fresh sound, but she's also been surprised by their favorite song choices.

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"They are all telling me their favorites," Swift said. "It's so much fun, because their favorites determine my set list for my shows on tour next year. It determines a lot, so I'm just loving seeing the iTunes [songs] chart and getting to see which ones are floating to the top, and I will sit there and go, 'I didn't expect that. That's a really personal, emotional song. I didn't expect that to be right there at the top of the iTunes chart.' "

So what seems to be the fan favorite? Well, with five tracks in the top 10 of the iTunes singles charts, one would assume they're loving them all, but according to Swift, it's her duet with Ed Sheeran (which held the top spot on the iTunes charts at press time) that fans have gravitated toward.

"The one that was on iTunes today was the duet I did with Ed Sheeran called 'Everything Has Changed,' " Swift said. "And that was so fun to see, because Ed and I were texting back and forth. We were like, '#1!,' freaking out."

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