Justin Timberlake Finally Debuts New Music ... At His Wedding

JT reportedly took on the role of wedding singer at his Friday nuptials with Jessica Biel.

Leave it to Justin Timberlake to kick up the romance at his Southern Italy wedding Friday, wooing his new bride with a memorable serenade.

The Puglia wedding reception was DJed by none other than the ubiquitous Roots drummer, ?uestlove, who, according to Us Weekly, spun Justin Timberlake records, but not a single *NSYNC track. However, Timberlake more than made up for the lack of "Bye Bye Bye" with his own special performance of a yet-to-be-released song dedicated to his blushing bride, Jessica Biel.

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"It was magical," Timberlake revealed to People. "It was an unforgettable evening." Biel, echoing her husband's sentiments, gushed, "It was a fantasy."

The longtime couple, first spotted together in January 2007, was surrounded by an intimate gathering of family and friends for the big wedding weekend, including Timberlake's frequent comedic collaborator, Andy Samberg, Jimmy Fallon and Biel's "7th Heaven" co-star, Beverley Mitchell.

"It's great to be married. The ceremony was beautiful, and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends," the couple had told People of the nuptials, which took place at Puglia's luxurious Borgo Egnazia seaside resort.

While details of the top-secret affair are slowly unraveling, we will continue hunting YouTube for any sort of evidence of the serenade and wondering if Timberlake's legendary dance moves were at all included. Surely famous tweeter ?uestlove must've recorded it, right?

Do you think we'll hear Justin's love song, or should Jessica keep it for herself? Let us know what you think in the comments!