Chris Webby Challenges Rappers To ‘Step Their Bars Up’

'There's definitely a few meanings that you could use with it,' Webby tells Mixtape Daily or his new tape, Bars on Me.

Mixtape Daily Main Pick
Headliners: Chris Webby and DJ Drama

Representing: Norwalk, Connecticut

Mixtape: Bars on Me

Real Spit: Chris Webby is placing a premium on lyrics, and with his latest DJ Drama-hosted mixtape, Bars on Me, the Norwalk, Connecticut, rapper is upping the ante in a serious way.

“There’s definitely a few meanings that you could use with it, but the main one being lyrical bars,” Webby told Mixtape Daily of his project’s title. “That’s what I’m known for, that’s what I continue to do, and I think a lot of artists kinda need to step their bars up a little bit.”

The tape’s title track does just that, and Webby keeps his lyrical onslaught up on the Method Man-assisted “CT 2 Shaolin” and then again on the “Star Wars”-themed “Dark Side.” While Chris maintains a high standard of rhyme, he gets political on “Whatever I Like” and on “Is It Alright,” he speaks to the ladies.

Over the course of 16 tracks, Chris Webby accomplishes his mission and further establishes himself as a spitter to be reckoned with. No telling where his bars will ultimately take him.

Joints to Check For
» “Bars on Me” – “It’s just a straight through verse and it’s just fun, gotta nice little party feel to it but at the same time being lyrically impressive.”

» “Whatever I Like,” featuring Jon Connor – “It speaks more on the government and stuff like that, that isn’t necessarily touché don by a lot of these artists nowadays and I think it’s kinda important that certain people bring things to light.”

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