Victoria Justice Says 'Fun Size' Has 'A Lot Of Surprises'

Former Nick star promises MTV News her Halloween comedy, out October 26, is full of action and romance.

Victoria Justice has her Halloween plans all booked. She'll be spending the spookiest month of the year at your local movie theater trying to make you cackle in her new Halloween-themed comedy, "Fun Size."

The film follows Justice during a zany night on the town, and she promises that the one-liners will have you howling. "What are you going to see in 'Fun Size'? There's such a great cast in this film — from Johnny Knoxville to Chelsea Handler — everyone is so talented. And ['Gossip Girl' creator] Josh Schwartz is directing it and is great, and it's a great cast, a great crew," she told MTV News on the Cleveland set of the film, out October 26. "There's going to be lots of action, a lot of romance, comedy for sure and a lot of surprises."

The family-friendly flick revolves around Wren, a girl who wants nothing more than to attend the big Halloween bash and get away from her wacky family for the night. But, instead she's been put in charge of her annoying little brother. As you would imagine, shenanigans quickly ensue. In addition to the former Nick star, the film also includes hilarious turns from Handler as her mom, Knoxville as a troublesome local and "Suburgatory" star Jane Levy as her bestie.

And, in addition to all the wild antics, there's also a lot of heart, Justice explains. "Something that I think is really cool about this movie is that I feel like it's very real to what teens are going through," she said. "And it sounds cheesy, but my character, Wren, you know is going through a lot. She kind of wants to escape. Her dad has passed away, her mom is dating this Abercrombie model and is not as responsible as she should be.

"And I have this little brother [played by Jackson Nicoll] who is running rampant and just completely out of control and I'm just trying to handle all of this. I feel like that's what so many people my age, and even older and younger, are going through to," she added. "I think that's what makes it really relatable."

While Justice has spent several seasons as the star of her hit Nick series, "Victorious," now in its final season this film marks her chance to shine as a lead in a film for the first time.

"This is my first time, I guess, being the lead of a feature film, so yeah, this is really exciting for me," she said. "It's a great script. I think the movie has a great message and it's an amazing cast. And, the sets are beautiful and the costumes are incredible, so [I'm] very excited."

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