Ellie Goulding Takes Grooming To Drastic Measures

'Lights' singer explains her Instagram pic of how her fake nails got in the way of guitar playing and what she did about it.

While most people use standard grooming implements, i.e., clippers and files, for their manicures, that doesn't seem to be the case for Ellie Goulding. In an Instagram photo the "Lights" singer posted earlier this summer, she took a much different approach to tending to her nails.

"The picture of me on Instagram cutting off my nails with, my fake nails with, I don't know what they are, I just found these clippers, massive things in my cupboard," Goulding told MTV News. "It was because I got a new guitar, a new Fender."

The tool she is referring to was not, in fact, a pair of "massive clippers" but, instead, pliers from a tool set. And while Goulding, clearly, is new to the world of cuticle treatments and polish, she just happens to be an old pro when it comes strumming the guitar. And having played since she was 14, the now 25-year-old from London was not going to miss this opportunity in fear of messing up her paintjob.

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"My friend Johnny was there and he was rocking out and I, suddenly, was like little kid like, I want to play so I grabbed them off him and I was like, 'damn,' " she explained while looking down at her hands. "That's why I can't be girly and have long nails because I play guitar, so I'm always having to cut my nails."

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