'Paranormal Activity' Double Trouble: Two New Films Coming In 2013

The series' fifth film will debut in October 2013 after a Latino spin-off in the Spring.

The yearly announcement of a new "Paranormal Activity" has become almost as predictable as the financial success of each installment, and this past weekend kept the tradition alive in both cases. But what has people talking is some other, less routine news.

On Sunday, Deadline confirmed that a fifth "Paranormal Activity" is in the works for October 2013, hardly a surprise considering the weekend "Paranormal 4" had. The latest entry in the series, once again directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, took in $30.2 million after costing only $5 million in production. Once again produced by Jason Blum and the original film's director Oren Peli, the fifth installment will continue the story from the previous four. There is no word yet on who will direct "Paranormal Activity 5."

The less expected news comes in the form of a series spin-off that will target Latinos and viewers in Latin America specifically. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news last April, but months passed without an official confirmation. Then this past weekend, a short teaser for the spin-off appeared after the credits of "Paranormal Activity 4."

The Latino community has been strong supporters of the series, and the spin-off is reportedly a direct product of that. Slated for a spring 2013 release, the movie has brought "Disturbia" writer/director Christopher Landon to the helm, and production is expected to begin relatively soon.

"Paranormal Activity 5," on the other hand, will follow the now tried-and-true development schedule. An October 2013 release will follow a production, which has typically started six months or so before the release.

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