'Iron Man 3' Trailer: What We Want To See

War Machine and Mandarin are high on our list of what we want to see from Marvel's 'Iron Man 3' trailer.

Armor up, shellheads! Tony Stark's return to the big-screen is still some months away, but you'll get your first look at his next adventure in the first "Iron Man 3" trailer, debuting this Tuesday (October 23).

Marvel Studios released a tease for the "Iron Man 3" trailer this past weekend, so we already have an idea of what to expect when Shane Black steps behind the camera for Stark's third solo outing. But as we're still a day away from the full trailer release, it's not too late to make some requests from the mighty Marvel moviemakers, right?

With that in mind, read on for the five things we want to see in the "Iron Man 3" trailer!

Lighten Up

For better or worse, the Marvel movies are not the "Dark Knight" movies. "Iron Man" set the light-hearted tone for the House of Ideas on film, and no one does quippy better than Robert Downey Jr. While we're excited to see the third "Iron Man" movie raise the stakes and go down a deadlier path than ever before, we hope it's not at the expense of the sharp-tongued one-liners we've come to associate with Marvel's big-screen presence.

No More Avengers

Even if we're hoping for the tone of Joss Whedon's mighty superhero film to carry over to "Iron Man 3," we're also hoping that's the end of it. "Iron Man 3" needs to stand out on its own, proving once again that Marvel's solo films are just as compelling as their team-ups. Not that we'd complain about an unexpected Hulk sighting in the finished product, mind you, but for now, leave S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Chitauri at home; focus on the road ahead, and the Iron Man behind the wheel.

Weapons of War

Tony isn't without his own set of friends, of course, and those guys all need to be on display in the "Iron Man 3" trailer. We've heard much about War Machine's new Iron Patriot armor, and we fully expect to see that in action when the trailer rolls around. Likewise, Pepper Potts is a critical component of Tony's story; it would be nice to see her getting in on the action herself, perhaps in her long-awaited Rescue armor.

The Mark of a Hero

As for Tony himself, it wouldn't be an "Iron Man" movie without brand-new armor for everyone's favorite genius billionaire philanthropist. The man's new suit, mostly gold with touches of red, is reportedly called the Mark XLVII, and the new abilities its rumored to have would make for one hell of a showcase for the film's first trailer. Above all else, we're hoping to see this thing in action, and soon.

The Man of Ten Rings

We've waited long enough to see Iron Man's greatest nemesis on the big-screen. It's time to get a big, bold look at the guy. Sir Ben Kingsley is the man playing Mandarin, and if the trailer doesn't give us a good long glimpse at the ring-clad bad guy, we'll be very disappointed indeed.

What are you hoping to see out of the "Iron Man 3" trailer? Let us know in the comments section below!