Taylor Swift's Red Teaches Fans To Break Up And 'Begin Again'

'That's what confuses us most in life,' Swift tells MTV News of relationships, the basis of her album released Monday (October 22).

The wait is finally over. After months of anticipation and several weeks of song teases, Taylor Swift's album, Red, has finally been released.

Her fourth album is honest, raw and emotional. It's everything you'd expect from a Swift record, but so much more. Swift takes personal risks on this album, experimenting with different sounds, diving more into the pop world and collaborating with writers, such as and U.K. folk singer Ed Sheeran (their duet leaked last week).

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Yet, Swift doesn't deviate from what she is exceptionally good at, which is writing candid, unapologetic songs that tell the stories of love, heartache and relationships.

"I really tend to draw inspiration from my life and from the characters in my life," Swift recently told MTV News. "And it's just kind of for me something I've always loved doing, watching life play out and kind of making a song out of that."

Swift, who has sold more than 22 million albums in just six years, admits that she writes about hardships in love because not only can it be a therapeutic experience, but at times of relationship turmoil, she, like her fans, turn to music.

"I think that when people need music the most is when they are falling in love intensely or they're falling out of love or losing love or being let down or frustrated or hurt," Swift said. "And you don't know how to say exactly how you feel and if there's a song that can hit on it and touch that exact nerve that you're feeling. It's why people are so obsessed with music."

Swift takes fans on an emotional journey throughout Red, with lyrics that relive personal heartbreaks, such as expressing what it's like to finally get over an on-and-off boyfriend to that exact moment where you "Begin Again."

"It's why I write most of my songs about emotions and feelings and relationship issues because that's what confuses us most in life," Swift said. "So it's nice to feel that there's more than just you feeling that way."

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