Drag Queen Or Candidate? Watch RuPaul's 'All Stars' Get Political!

'It's important to vote for your own self-esteem, to know that you count,' RuPaul tells MTV News.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — Monday marks the long-awaited return of "RuPaul's Drag Race" on Logo. And this is no ordinary installment: Some of the top queens from past seasons come back to flash their sequins and elongate their lashes to compete as "All Stars."

"The public wants more and more. We went with 'All Stars,' because clearly, the public can't get enough of these kids," RuPaul told MTV News at the premiere party at the Abbey Food & Bar last week.

The announcement of the "All Stars" edition took many of the queens by surprise, as most of them found out about it through social networking. "I turned on Facebook one day and saw there was voting," said "All Star" castmember Shannel, from season one.

"I campaigned for it. I campaigned my hardest for it," said Tammie Brown, an "All Star" castmember also from season one.

With campaigning on the minds of the queens and judges, we had to ask them about the upcoming presidential election and why their fans should vote come November 6. "Because you can't complain if you don't vote," returning judge Michelle Visage said. "Don't sit there and bitch at home. If you are not happy, then try to change it."

Raven, an "All Star" castmember from season two, urged fans: "If you want your vote heard and want to make a difference, you have to go out and vote and make that difference." Latrice Royale, an "All Star" from season four, echoed: "Please vote. You need to have a voice and not go backwards!"

The best advice, of course, came from RuPaul: "It's important to vote for your own self-esteem, to know that you count."

With the serious business out of the way, we decided to have some fun with the queens and test their "Drag Race"/ political knowledge. In the video above, we hit the queens with some memorable quotes and asked: Was it said on the campaign trail or during a season of "RuPaul's Drag Race"? Click the video to see how they fared!

Test your knowledge and tune into Logo on Monday to see if Shangela pops out of another box, if Yara Sofia and Alexis Mateo speak only in Spanish the whole season, and if Jujubee continues to reign supreme in "reading" the queens when the "library is open," as well as any other pairings, twists and turns that this special edition of "RuPaul's Drag Race" brings to your home each week.

Check back for up-to-the-minute coverage of the debates and stick with PowerOf12.org throughout the 2012 presidential election season.