Snooki Gives Baby Lorenzo A Proper TV Debut

'Jersey Shore' star gets sentimental after showing off a clip of her son, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle.

Ever since Snooki announced she was pregnant back in March, many were skeptical that the "Jersey Shore" star could give up her hard partying days for motherhood. But on Thursday, she put all those doubters to rest.

During the first episode of "Jersey Shore After Hours," Nicole Polizzi made an appearance and brought along a clip of her baby, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, whom she welcomed in August with fiancé Jionni LaValle.

"I'm just really happy that Lorenzo is here," Snooki said, fighting back tears. "I'm just happy, I've always wanted a kid and he's here and he's healthy and beautiful and I love him. He's perfect."

In Lorenzo's television debut, Snooki is seen caring for the newest meatball by feeding him a bottle and even having to deal with his gassy problems, but Snooki doesn't mind because "he's so cool."

And it seems her "Jersey Shore" housemates couldn't be happier for the first-time mom. "Ever since I met Snooki she's been Snookin' for love," Ronnie-Ortiz Margo said. "She always wanted to be that mom and a wife, and the fact that she got what she wanted so quick I'm happy and proud of her and I'm glad that she's happy."

Snooki's best friend, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, admits that Snooki has made some incredible changes in her life, but she'll always be Snooki. "She'll always be the Snooki that we love, but everyone has to grow up," Jenni said. "She's being Snooki, yet she's being an amazing mother at the same time."

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