Rapper Or Presidential Candidate? Who Said It, Obama, Kanye, Romney Or 2 Chainz?

'I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man,' is a quote from who? Jay-Z or Mitt Romney?

Nobody is ever going to mistake a line from a stump speech by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for a classic Notorious B.I.G. lyric.

And while President Obama is known as one of the most eloquent, smoothest orators of his generation, his flow is, well, not exactly Jay-Z-esque.

But, sometimes it is hard to tell if the sound bite you're hearing is from a rapper or a candidate for the highest office in the land. MTV News' Power of 12 set out to test this theory by asking some young voters to weigh in famous recent quotes from both MCs and the candidates to see if they could tell the difference.

"What Washington needs is adult supervision."

That one sounds like it must have come from a politician, right? "I would definitely say Mitt Romney?" said a student at the University of Denver. Some of his fellow DU peers guessed Ludacris, while a third group nailed it when they confidently picked Obama.

"I'm only doing stuff that makes sense for me and my campaign."

Again, that one seems like it could have only come from a higher office aspirant. The DU consensus was Romney, given the buttoned-up nature of the quote. But, sorry, Denver-ites, you'd be wrong on that one. The actual knowledge dropper on that particular soundbite was none other than hustle hard rapper 2 Chainz!

"She's a babe. I saw that when I was 15."

This one sounds like it's a bit NSFW and with less than three weeks to go in the campaign, nobody is looking for any more binders full of women-style quotes that might trip them up. Some students thought for sure it was one of the candidates, but others confidently said it had to be lollipop-loving MC Lil Wayne. Well, believe it or not, it was Romney, discussing how he felt about his wife the first time he laid eyes on her.

"I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man."

Hmm. This one seems like a slam dunk, especially considering that former Bain Capital boss Romney has basically staked his entire campaign on the fact that he knows the business world and has a plan for creating jobs. "Kanye, why not?" suggested one student. "Jay-Z" said another, whose buddy was sporting a Romney mask.

We clearly didn't trick anyone with that quote, as just about anyone who's heard the remix of Kanye's "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" knows that is one of Jigga's all-time baller couplets.

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