Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran Duet 'Everything Has Changed' Leaks Online

Sweet track, which was leaked days ahead of the release of Swift's Red, is all about falling in love.

Fans might have to wait until October 22 to hear the entirety of Taylor Swift's new album, Red, but they are getting an early listen to her Ed Sheeran duet, "Everything Has Changed."

The sweet track, which leaked online days ahead of the album's release on Wednesday night, plays into both singers' sonic sensibilities as it is driven heavily by acoustic guitar. It follows the two performers as they embark of a newfound relationship, telling each other, "I just want to know you better."

By the time the chorus rolls in, it's clear that the love affair is sugary sweet. "All I know is we said, 'Hello'/ And your eyes looked like coming home/ All I know is you said my name/ And everything has changed," they sing. "All I know is you held the door/ You'll be mine and I'll be yours/ All I know since yesterday is/ Everything has changed."

When MTV News caught up with Sheeran recently, he opened up about writing the track with Swift on a trampoline.

"Taylor writes songs in all different situations," Sheeran told MTV News about Swift's quirky songwriting. "I remember we went out. Where did we go? I think we were in the car to the studio and she took her phone out and mumbled something and sort of put it back. And I was like 'What was that?' and she was like 'Oh, I was just singing down ideas.'

"She does that all the time. It's a good way to do it. She's one of very few people left in the industry that actually worries about the songs that she sings, like she actually wants to write them herself," he added. "Which I think is a very positive thing."

On the track, the two were able to make Swift's pop-country sensibilities and Sheeran's folk ones meld, and he explained to MTV News it's because they have a lot in common. "Well, I don't really write so much with other artists," the + singer said. "Like the Taylor session, when we got together and wrote was the second time I've ever gotten with another singer/songwriter and written a song with them. So it wasn't actually too hard of an adjustment. We're very much alike musically and it worked out well, I think."

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