'X Factor' Pushed To Next Week After Baseball Delay

MLB rain delay postpones the top 16 reveal ... although East Coast viewers learn 10 of the lucky finalists.

Who knew "X Factor" could fall victim to a rain delay?

When the National League Championship Series game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants ran long Wednesday night (October 17) due to bad weather, Fox interrupted the East Coast airing of "X Factor" for about 40 minutes in the first hour and then again 10 minutes before the end of the second hour before abruptly launching into episodes of "Ben and Kate" and "The Mindy Project" instead. A message then ran across the screen promising to televise the entire episode next Tuesday. On the West Coast, a rerun of last Thursday's show aired instead.

"The X Factor" kept fans up to speed on Twitter, writing, "We've been thrown a curve ball & the final reveal of Judges' Homes will air in its ENTIRETY Tuesday at 8/7c." Even show creator/ mentor Simon Cowell was thrown for a loop by the turn of events, tweeting, "Have no idea what is happening to the schedule tonight. Have heard the whole episode will be shown next Tuesday. Sorry."

But fans on the East Coast didn't leave entirely empty-handed: Before the show cut off, Britney Spears' teens and L.A. Reid's over 25's were narrowed down to four finalists each, and some of Demi Lovato's final young adults were revealed. And with the show airing in its entirety in Canada, the Internet also knows which four of Cowell's groups will be moving on.

For the sake of the show's fans, however, we'll just stick with what was revealed in the U.S. airing, so West Coasters who wish to remain in the dark, spoilers ahead:


» Beatrice Miller, 13

» Arin Ray, 16

» Carly Rose Sonenclar, 13

» Diamond White, 13

Over 25's

» Vino Alan, 40

» Jason Brock, 35

» David Correy, 26

» Tate Stevens, 37

Young Adults

» Jennel Garcia, 18

» Willie Jones, 17

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