Lady Gaga, Zedd 'Made Songs And Songs And Songs' For ARTPOP

EDM producer/DJ opens up to MTV News about hitting the studio with Mother Monster.

These days, Lady Gaga might as well be the president of the Zedd fan club. She not only very famously declared some "major" love for the on-the-rise EDM star over the summer, but the twosome has also been hard at work cooking up tracks that may appear on her in-the-works 2013 album, ARTPOP.

"Every time you work with another artist you learn new things ... You obviously learn about the person you're working with. And we'd just been touring for almost two months and we both love nothing more than making music, so it was just kind of natural for us to just work on music," he told MTV News at AVALON Hollywood during the L.A. stop of the Poseidon Tour with Porter Robinson. Earlier this year, Zedd opened for Gaga on the Asian leg of her Born This Way Ball. He also previously contributed a remix of her BTW track, "Marry the Night," to the deluxe edition release of the album.

And now, new music from the performers is definitely happening. While fans got a taste of what those latest recording sessions sounded like via a remix of his Clarity track, "Stache" (the remix was billed "High Princess/ Stache Edit 2"), it might be a little longer before the two former tourmates release any more new music.

"I don't know, actually. I've made a lot of songs which I'm not even sure if we're going to use it for her or not," he said. "And, you know, at the same time it's totally possible that some things she wrote might end up being for me. We literally just made songs and songs and songs and you'll see what will happen with it."

Sure, Gaga has been a fan of Zedd's for some time, but now other pop stars have been clamoring to work with the 23-year-old, including Justin Bieber, who worked with him on his current single, Beauty and a Beat."

"I love pop music. I love great singers ... There's so many I would love to work with," Zedd told MTV News earlier this year about his transition to Top 40 radio. "I feel like there's a lot a lot of artists that I will work with next time."