The Twi-Fight Saga: Help Decide The Best 'Twilight' Character!

Voting begins Monday in MTV News' epic showdown, in which 64 characters will duke it out to be crowned the series favorite.

Vampire, werewolf or human. Where will your alliances lie?

As dawn breaks on the concluding chapter of "The Twilight Saga" film franchise, MTV News is asking you to pick the series' No. 1 character in our epic, three-week battle known as The Twi-Fight Saga.

Bella may have selected Edward over Jacob, but you have 64 characters from Stephenie Meyer's canon to choose from in this showdown. Whether you prefer bad boys (Riley Biers, anyone?), good girls (we're looking at you, Angela Weber!) or hirsute hotties (don't keep your shirt on, Paul!), they're all here, waiting for your vote.

Here's how it will work: Voting begins on October 22 at The single-elimination tournament will proceed from round to round, with characters knocked off as we go, until only two are left to duke it out in one final face-off. The pair of finalists will be announced November 8, with the ultimate Twi-Fight champion crowned November 12.

The full Twi-Fight Saga schedule is as follows:

» Round 1: Monday, October 22, through Thursday, October 25

» Round 2: Thursday, October 25, through Monday, October 29

» Sweet 16: Monday, October 29, through Thursday, November 1

» Elite Eight: Thursday, November 1, through Monday, November 5

» Final Four: Monday, November 5, through Thursday, November 8

» Championship Round: Top two announced Thursday, November 8, with voting concluding Monday, November 12

So fill your belly with mushroom ravioli, get those voting fingers ready and be sure to follow along on Twitter using the hash-tag #TwiFight. Sixty-four characters will enter but only one will emerge the Twi-Fight Saga champion — and it's all up to you!

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