Frank Ocean Ponders Jay-Z, Pharrell ... Among Other Things

'Pharrell looks 19. They seemed like old friends,' Ocean writes about their studio session, adding his dreams of car clubs and arcades.

Frank Ocean's latest all-caps "letter" to his fans, delivered via Tumblr, is actually more of an extremely entertaining stream of thought that happens to be punctuated.

The note opens with a few of the 24-year-old singer/songwriter's current dreams and goals, some of which he admits are in the early stages of thought and others that probably won't get too far.

"I wanna write a novel about twins, some type of nature versus nurture tale. I've said that to a neighbor before," he wrote, adding, "It's an open ended idea. I want to start a car club. I'm playing with two names for it. I sketched a logo for it. It's not there yet. I was going to build an arcade, the more I lived with that idea ... the less it stuck."

From there he imagines relocating from the West Coast to New York or Tokyo, while recalling his travels in the past year. "I few around the world in 2012. Had a special time. I had brunch at the rooftop restaurant from 'Lost in Translation'. Like 9 times."

The beauty of Frank Ocean's stream of thought is that the topics can jump from changes in his diet ("Oh, I eat steaks again now. It's been 10 years.") to his favorite subject, love, in just one line: "All I really have to say is that love is all there is. Every other sentence just belabors the point. Maybe not in a boring way, I don't know what I'm saying."

About a week ago, Pharrell Williams shared a photo of himself in the studio with Ocean and Jay-Z, and while we still don't know where their collaboration(s) will end up, at least we know what the Channel Orange singer was thinking at the time. "I sat in the studio days ago with Jiggaman and Pharrell. Pharrell looks 19. They seemed like old friends. I wonder how many trophies are logged in their mind. I wonder why they still build. I build things for the sport and the therapeutic benefits. For immortality biiiitch."

And, he obviously left readers with a very useful closing thought. "Oreos don't work with almond milk like regular milk. That just came to mind. Not sure why."

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