The Situation, Tyler Posey Team With Wolf Blitzer In MTV's 'Ask Wolf' Series

In the lead-up to Election Day, the MTV stars are asking tough questions to CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

With Election Day exactly three weeks away (!), MTV is launching a new online series featuring the most unlikely of team-ups: CNN's Wolf Blitzer and the stars of two popular MTV series, "Jersey Shore" main man Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey.

In the series of spots — appropriately called "Ask Wolf" — Sitch and Posey present Blitzer with a series of burning questions from young voters, including "Will my vote matter if I don't live in a swing state?" and "What are the pros and cons of voting for a third-party candidate?"

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Blitzer responds by reminding young voters that, even if they won't be casting ballots in a battleground state, it's important that they still head out to the polls, pointing out that there are plenty of countries around the world where voting isn't allowed. "Your vote always matters ... there are plenty of other votes that are important in your state right now, [like] senatorial races [and] gubernatorial races," he said, adding that, even though there is no viable third-party presidential candidate, "the most important thing is that the voter feels good about who he or she is voting for ... and if that means voting for a third-party candidate, go for it."

You can watch Wolf's answers in the first two videos, which premiered Tuesday (October 16) on and MTV's "Ask Wolf" series will continue up until Election Day, which, just in case you forgot, is November 6.

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