Jonas Brothers Getting 'Deeper' On Next Phase Of Music

'We're trying to push ourselves and continue to grow and get better,' Kevin Jonas says, telling MTV News to 'check back in.'

The Jonas Brothers are currently laying the groundwork for their next phase as a group. After a successful reunion show last week at Radio City, fans might be wondering just what the next move is for the guys.

While the New York show marks their only scheduled Stateside comeback gig for the moment, they have booked several gigs abroad. On top of that, they're putting the finishing touches on their next studio release.

Is the Jonas Brothers' new song "Wedding Bells" about Miley Cyrus? We investigate!

"The vibe right now that we're trying to create, we've kind of a really memorable and a career we're really thankful for up until this time, [and now we're] hoping to create an experience for our fans that is really personal and shows a little bit deeper look into what our lives have been like, as far as lyrics," Nick said. "But, musically we're trying to push ourselves and continue to grow and get better."

The guys are definitely pushing themselves, as evidenced by one deeply personal track they played at the last gig, billed as "Wedding Bells." The song has some speculating it might be about Nick's former flame, Miley Cyrus, and her engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth.

The guys also previewed two other tracks, "Let's Go" and "First Time," but they aren't saying if either of those tunes will be their single. "No, actually, we don't [have any release dates yet,] but hopefully soon, it's kind of the kickoff so ... check back in," Kevin said.

Regardless of when they drop an official single, Joe knows that ahead of its release the guys had some serious discussions about what this era will look and sound like.

"For us, the biggest moments we spoke about, it started with the music first. We wanted to sit in the studio and create new sounds that we were inspired by... getting in the studio and focusing on that," he said. "And then the touring side, like how long do we want to tour for and kind of getting our stage and all that stuff."