'Evil Dead' Remake Is 'Going To Be Worse Than R'

'We're going to have rating problems out the butt,' producer Bruce Campbell tells MTV News about the horror film's gore level.

Bruce Campbell won't be returning to the role of Ash in director Fede Alvarez's upcoming "Evil Dead" remake, but that doesn't mean fans of the cult classic horror series aren't in for a groovy, gory time. In fact, Campbell — a producer on the remake alongside his original "Evil Dead" collaborators Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert — believes that when it comes time for the MPAA to grant "Evil Dead" a rating, there are going to be problems. Big, nasty problems.

"We're going to have ratings problems out the butt," he promised MTV News at New York Comic Con. "We have a screening coming up later this month, and I'm like, 'Good luck, Chuck!' "

Jane Levy, best known for her role on "Suburgatory," steps into the "Evil Dead" franchise as new leading lady Mia, and she can attest to Campbell's claims of "the gore the merrier" better than just about anyone else.

"I think it's going to be worse than an R," she warned. "There's a lot of blood. There's so much blood that the blood got stuck in my ear and I had a terrible ear infection when I was there and couldn't hear for three weeks."

Indeed, even though filming on "Evil Dead" has long since ended, Levy still has blood coming out of her ears — literally.

"This is really gross, but, I cleaned my ear three weeks ago — and I clean my ears every week — but there's still, and I'm not even kidding, there's still red coming out of my ears," she said. "That's not a joke. It's really kind of scary."

But it's not like Levy wasn't warned of the gruesome nature of the shoot ahead of time, as Campbell was quick to tell us.

"I sent them an email before they started shooting. 'Don't party. You're going to need all the strength you got. Be ready and be physically able,'" he recalled. "When we were casting in the audition room, I surprised a few actors by saying, 'Are you ready for special FX make-up? Have you ever had special FX make-up? Are you ready for that?' And they're like, 'Oh yeah, sure. It's like riding a horse. It'll be easy.' "

Campbell grinned his signature grin at the memory, saying, "Well... they found out quick."

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