Obama Campaign's Latest Video Brought To You By Jay-Z

Hov talks about the power of the American people and why President Barack Obama represents 'hope' in new campaign video.

Some may just feel like it's politics as usual, but Jay-Z couldn't stress the importance of the November 6 presidential election more. On Monday (October 15), Team Obama put out a new video where Hov harps on the power of the American people.

"When the president got into office initially, what he represented to a nation of kids was hope," Jay said starting off almost two-minute clip, "the hope of people all across the country who would look and see themselves and know the possibilities."

Jigga's political affiliation is no secret. Not only did the God MC brag that he has "Obama on the text" on his 2009 single "On To the Next One" he has continually backed the president. On September 1, Hov snagged an exclusive pre-taped message from the POTUS for his Made in America Music Festival, which he played for the crowd, and on September 18, the larger-than-life rap star hosted a fundraiser for the Obama camp at his Manhattan 40/40 Club.

"For so long there was a voice that was silenced out there as far as exercising the right to vote," Jay said in the video before remarking on what Obama was able to accomplish as the first African-American president. "I think it was a voice that was silence because people had lost hope, they didn't believe that their voice mattered or counted. Now people are exercising their right and you're starting to see the power of our vote. He made it mean something for the first time, for a lot of people."

Despite all of his political involvement Jay himself shot down a future in office for himself. "I don't even like the word 'politics.' It implies something underhanded and I think we need less government," Jay told MTV News on September 27. "I support Barack because I gotta respect that sort of vision. I gotta respect a man who is the first black president ever," he said. "To have that sort of vision and dream, I have to support that."

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