'Beautiful Creatures' Score To Include Alice Englert-Penned Song

Director Richard LaGravenese discusses music's 'swamptronic' sound and Beatles connection.

In "Beautiful Creatures," actress Alice Englert portrays 15-year-old Lena Duchannes, a caster whose powers will be claimed for either the light or the dark upon her 16th birthday. In real-life, Englert possesses a number of noteworthy abilities, as well, including songwriting — a talent director Richard LaGravenese took note of and incorporated into the film.

When MTV News caught up with the helmer at New York Comic-Con, he revealed that a song penned by Englert would be featured in the film. He also spoke about the score's funky vibe and its Beatles connection.

"I'm so excited about our composers," LaGravenese said. "Danny Harrison, George Harrison's son, and Paul Hicks, who is Tony Hicks' son, who is from the Hollies — Tony Hicks will actually be playing banjo on our score — and Jonathan Sadoff. He's the only one of them who has done a movie score before. They have a group called thenewno2 [pronounced the new Number 2], and they are composing our score because I wanted something we've never heard before."

That something we've never heard before? It's called "swamptronic," a term coined by LaGravenese and the group.

"It's kind of a mash-up of swamp, blues, dixie and modern electronic," the director explained. "We're going to record it at Abbey Road with dad's [Harrison's] guitars and a lot of dad's stuff."

Hear more from our interview with LaGravenese, including how impressed the film's veteran actors were with the newbies, by clicking play on the video above.

"Beautiful Creatures" will hit theaters February 13, 2013.

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