‘Underemployed’ Post-Grad? New MTV Show Can Relate

'No one has landed their dream job right off the bat,' 'Underemployed' star Michelle Ang tells MTV News ahead of Tuesday 10 p.m. ET premiere.

Life after college is an exciting — but terrifying — time for twentysomethings leaving their academic life behind to brave the real world, and for some, it’s not what they expected. Most post-grads won’t find their dream job right after school and settle for a dead-end job just to get by. And don’t forget to sort out friendships and ever-evolving relationships on top of searching for a career.

Capturing this unpredictable journey is MTV’s new scripted series, “Underemployed,” which premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. The series is set in Chicago and follows a group of five friends, who, at college graduation, had lofty goals and big dreams. Fast forward one year later: reality has sunk in and the group has to deal with unpaid internships, terrible bosses and romantic missteps.

“The reality of everything is that you can’t get the job that you would’ve hoped for because the economy is struggling,” Jared Kusnitz, who plays Lou, a first-time dad settling for a job with his father after an unsuccessful job search, told MTV News. “The friendships and relationships are sort of strained, and it’s about the plight of the post-grad in today’s society trying to make it by.”

Michelle Ang’s character, Sophia, has aspirations of writing her first novel but is stuck working at a doughnut shop. She said that this series may be about the struggle of everyday life, but it’s also about self-discovery.

“No one has landed their dream job right off the bat, but they are learning about themselves,” Ang said. “Learning a little bit more of what they want to do and how they want to do it and also really importantly how much their friend group has become their family.”

And friendship is key in this series, as the group relies on each other as they overcome personal challenges.

“Our friends are our family, and I think that’s a very cool message,” said Diego Boneta, who plays aspiring model, Miles. “It’s not only succeeding, but also having our personal priorities straight. People our age can really relate to that because it’s very raw there’s no sugarcoating.”

The series premiere of “Underemployed” kicks off on Tuesday, October 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Were your post-graduation plans altered after leaving school? Let us know if you can relate in the comments!

Christina Garibaldi has been an on-camera reporter for MTV News since 2011. When not interviewing or writing about her favorite stars, she keeps herself busy with baby animal videos and boy bands.