Cher Lloyd Gushes About New Love, Buddy

'X Factor' U.K. alum talks to MTV News about the meet-cute that brought her to tears on set of her 'Oath' video.

On the video set for her new single "Oath," Cher Lloyd was introduced to a very special someone. His name is Buddy, and judging from Lloyd's Instagram account, she's fallen for him.

When MTV News caught up with Lloyd while she was promoting her new album Sticks & Stones in New York, the singer told us the love-at-first-sight story.

"He was at the video shoot," Lloyd told MTV News of her new French bulldog. "He's an amazing dog; he's completely rare; it's not easy to get your hands on a grey coat with blue eyes."

And although the pooch, who was featured in the video, only made a brief cameo, his baby blues left a lasting impression on the "X Factor" U.K. alum's heart.

"I fell in love with this dog," the "Want U Back" singer said. "I couldn't go near it because I knew I'd be attached."

But apparently no amount of distance could separate these two. Especially since, in the end, Lloyd went home with the adorable pup.

"Near the end of the video shoot, they brought him to me and they said, you know, this is a gift. And I was, I cried," Lloyd explained. "I'm in love with this dog. It's unbelievable."

Buddy joins the up-and-coming pop star's family of furry friends consisting of two other dogs named Sharon and Barbie.

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