'Walking Dead' Season Three Premiere: Five Burning Questions

What will happen to Hershel? Who are the prisoners? Read on for our lingering questions from the 'Walking Dead' premiere.

"The Walking Dead" answered several questions in its season premiere. How will our heroes take over the prison? How is Lori's pregnancy going? Will T-Dog finally get a chance to speak? But there were plenty of unanswered questions as well, especially given the ending of the tense episode. Lives are on the line, as they tend to be during a zombie apocalypse, with one man in particular looking much worse for wear.

Hershel's fate is but one of our five burning questions walking out of the "Walking Dead" premiere. Read on for the rest of them!

Will Hershel Survive?

No one on "The Walking Dead" has suffered a zombie bite and lived to tell the tale. Will Hershel Greene be the man to break the trend? We expect that question will be at the heart of the next episode, titled "Sick." But even if Rick amputated Hershel's leg with enough time to spare before the disease took over his body, can the veteran farmer recover from the blood loss and shock of losing his limb?

Who's Going To Play Doctor?

Just as importantly, with Hershel unconscious at best, who is experienced enough to see him through his injury? Carol is doing an admirable job as Hershel's de facto nurse, but she doesn't exactly have years of training or a degree to back up her skills. And if Hershel doesn't make it through the next episode, will it be on Carol to deliver Lori's baby? If so ... does she have what it takes to get the job done up to Lori's grim specifications?

Is There Hope For Rick And Lori?

It certainly doesn't look that way. Shane's death took a major toll on Mr. and Mrs. Grimes, with the two not even able to look each other in the eye throughout much of the premiere. The bad blood between these two is a poison in the group, even more so now that their resident doctor might not make it through the coming weeks. If Rick, the leader of this team, can't find it within himself to forgive his wife in the middle of a post-apocalyptic disaster, what chance do these guys have at surviving everything that's coming up next?

Is Andrea Going To Pull Through?

Short of an actual prescription for what's ailing her, Andrea has the next best medicine on her side: the sword-slinging Michonne, her new best friend and companion through the last several months of winter. Their friendship was a highlight of the premiere, but things look bleak for the show's least likely sharpshooter. Can Andrea survive long enough for Michonne to find a place with medical assistance? Something tells us the answer is yes.

Who Are The Prisoners?

"Holy sh--" indeed! It turns out that Rick and friends aren't the only living creatures lurking within the prison walls. A group of survivors — all of them former prisoners by the look of it — are trapped inside with them as well, and were the unwitting witnesses to the amputation heard 'round the cafeteria. Will the prisoners prove friend or foe? One supposes that depends upon the circumstances of their continued incarceration, and what led them to jail in the first place. Either way, having more survivors in the mix can mean one of two things: more and merrier helping hands, or a batch of enemies more dangerous than the flesh-craving dead.

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