Jonas Brothers Call Nick-Free 'American Idol' Feuds 'Perfect'

Nick Jonas tells MTV News why he didn't join 'Idol' as a judge, while his brothers snicker about missing out on the Nicki/Mariah drama.

By all accounts, Nick Jonas had been in some pretty serious talks to join the "American Idol" judging panel over the summer. But, as summer cooled off, so did those discussions.

In the end, Nick explained, it just wasn't the right time, as the Jonas Brothers were knee-deep in launching their comeback."I think it's one of those things where it wasn't right on both sides," he told MTV News.

Of course with Jonas out of the running, it made room for Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban to sit at the famed judges table. And, it also spared him from being in the middle of the Carey/Minaj feud that kicked into high-gear earlier this month before dying down.

Nick is giving the current set of judges his two-thumbs up. He said, "I think the panel they have is pretty solid; it's going to be highly entertaining."

Entertaining indeed, given all the fighting the judges have already displayed on the road, on Twitter and in interviews. So, how do the other Jonas Brothers feel about all the Nick-free drama?

"It seems they all hate each other already, so it's perfect," Joe teased, with big brother Kevin adding, "Exactly what you want in life."

While fans won't get the chance to see Nick judge talent on a weekly basis, he did appear alongside pal Demi Lovato on last week's "X Factor" where he helped her sort through the potential members to compete on her team on the show. So, how what kind of judge does he consider himself after filming the cameo?

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"I was really honest. I don't know if I was too honest or not, but I know that it was great to work with Demi on that," he said.

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