Kid Rock Warns: If You Don't Vote You're One Of 'Biggest Idiots On Earth'

Rock talks to MTV News about why he leant his support — and his song 'Born Free' — to the Romney campaign.

Last week, Kid Rock put his politics aside (and bought a Prius) in "Americans," a short film he made with avowed liberal Sean Penn that poked fun at each star's rather, uh, dissenting views for the sake of a larger point: Namely, that if our democracy is to survive, people need to ditch the vitriol and come together for the greater good.

And to that point, while he's not averse to a good debate, Rock also isn't about to hide his views, either. He's actively supported Republican Mitt Romney's bid for the White House, performing at a rally before the Michigan primary back in February, lending his song "Born Free" to the GOP candidate's campaign, and introducing Romney and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan at several events. And here's why he's chosen to lend his voice (and his music) to the Romney/ Ryan ticket.

"I'm a supporter of less government, that's kind of where my beliefs lie. But Mitt Romney sat down with me, we had a conversation, and ... I had a list of questions I asked him," Rock told MTV News. "I said to him 'You know, the city of Detroit, I guarantee, is going to vote Democrat, but if you're elected, will you help me help the city of Detroit and the people that it holds?' And he said 'Absolutely I will.' And I was like 'All right, cool, I'll vote for you.'"

And while he's "proudly" voting for Romney on November 6, he's not going to discourage those who will punch the ticket for president Obama from doing the same. After all, like his "Americans" PSA said, our differences are what make us Americans ... and as such, it's our duty to have our voices heard.

"I have some friends that don't vote, and I think they're the biggest idiots on the earth," he said. "To be living in this country and absorbing all the great things that go with it, and not vote, I think it's a sin."

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