Justin Bieber Can Prank His Fans Anytime!

'Beauty and a Beat' stunt leads Beliebers from blinding rage over a stolen laptop to over-the-top glee for a new music video.

Justin Bieber pulled the ultimate prank to hype up his found-footage music video for "Beauty and a Beat," which debuted Friday (October 12). The singer turned the theft of his laptop in Tacoma, Washington earlier this week into an opportunity to use a Twitter account allegedly belonging to the thief, to promote his new music video.

While fans were initially angry at the "thief," who tweeted about the robbery under the handle @gexwy and promised to unleash Bieber's private home movies to the media, they cooled down once the Nicki Minaj-featuring "Beauty" video premiered — mostly because they learned that their idol was behind the tweets.

"Hi I'm a belieber and I just got punk'd by @justinbieber," @Sexrauhl_Biebs tweeted about the scheme.

@Just_Ulrika added: "I love how after all this time, @justinbieber can still suprise us and make us fangirl like never before! lol its the best :) #unBELIEVEable."

In fact, Bieber's prank grew so massive as the video was set to premiere that Nick Cannon even congratulated the singer on being able to pull it off, tweeting, "Well played @JustinBieber..."

Co-directed by Bieber and his "Never Say Never" director Jon Chu, the clip follows the wet-and-wild singer at an epic pool party attended by young, pretty partygoers, as well as the song's featured MC, Minaj. "The Beauty And A Beat music video was original, creative, artistic, fun and just amazing," @JustinBiebsGang wrote. "I loved every single second of it @justinbieber."

"I gotta admit, this new Beauty and A Beat- @justinbieber music video is brilliant," @brianlogandales said of the video's feel-good vibe. "That looked way too fun."

@BrigitteBieber_added, "I think everyone is left in complete shock after viewing the #BEAUTYandaBeat video because it was that amazing!"

Bieber and his followers are on a mission to rack up massive views for the video, spreading the message using the hashtag "#BAABVideoTo10million." And it seems they were enthusiastic enough to comply, with @itsmediannex writing, "Sorry but @justinbieber's BAAB is amazing!! Cant stop watching it. #nohate #beautyandabeat."

The video and its rollout might have been just original enough to win over those folks who were on the fence about the singer. @juliaQuestie noted, "I really have started to like Justin Bieber. He's so different now. #DontJudgeMe."