'Zero Dark Thirty' Trailer Invigorates Osama Bin Laden Hunt

New, full-length teaser gives movie lovers a hint of intensity and action in Kathryn Bigelow-directed film.

This week has been a great one for movie trailer fans. We've seen second, more full-length teases for a slew of anticipated films like "Django Unchained" and "Gangster Squad," as well as a new, more intense preview for "Zero Dark Thirty."

Where the first teaser trailer set the stage for the film's intense storyline — the 2011 hunt for and successful takedown of Osama bin Laden — the first full-length trailer gives us a more fleshed-out glimpse of what the teaser glossed over.

The two-minute preview opens with a voiceover and stern lecture being given to the "Kill Osama" team members, that what they're doing isn't good enough. The voiceover continues as we see introductory-esque shots of a few of the film's key players, Jessica Chastain, Kyle Chandler, etc. and the battle-torn areas of the Middle East, where American troops are still stationed. We also get to meet a couple of the Navy SEALs, played by Joel Edgerton and Chris Pratt, one of whom is skeptical of the government intel of Bin Laden's location, as delivered by Chastain's character. In knowing the backstory of the now historic assault, we know that those SEALs will eventually gun down Bin Laden at what we can assume will be the climax of the film.

And even though we all know what happens, we don't know the insider secrets of what it took to get the man, which is something this new trailer exploits in the best possible way. It plays up the intrigue involved in finally finding Bin Laden's hideout through a series of conspiratorial maneuvers and investigations, as well as the covert military action the mission required. The trailer ends with a point-of-view camera angle from one of the SEALs via their night vision goggles. We see them surrounding the compound just before it cuts to black.

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