Skrillex's 'Wreck-It Ralph' Track: Exclusive Sneak Peek

EDM artist created signature track "Bug Hunt" for Disney's ode to the video game world.

It's not enough for a movie about video games, for example "Wreck-It Ralph," to look like your favorite first-person shooter or kart-racing game. It also has to sound like a video game.

That's probably why Disney enlisted the help of EDM artist Skrillex to create a signature track for the "Hero's Duty" level, one of the in-movie games that may resemble one of the shooters currently inside your Xbox or PS3 at home.

MTV News has an exclusive first listen to the Skrillex track, titled "Bug Hunt," in "Wreck-It Ralph" and a sneak peek at the "Hero's Duty" level, featuring some impressive voice work by Jane Lynch from TV's "Glee."

For this contribution to the "Wreck-It Ralph" soundtrack, Skrillex pulled from a very specific part of what he does as a musician. "The mood of that game world is high-energy and futuristic," he said. "I make music with many different colors of the emotional spectrum — this reflects a more aggressive side of my music."

But Skrillex isn't the only hit artist making an appearance on the soundtrack. Both AKB48 and Owl City will also be featured in "Wreck-It Ralph."

"Wreck-It Ralph" tells the story of a classic video game villain that one day decides that he is tired of being the bad guy all the time. This causes him to leave his game, the "Donkey Kong"-inspired "Fix-It Felix, Jr." and venture into the other worlds of the video game universe, including "Hero's Duty" and a cutesy kart-racing game called "Sugar Rush."

The songs from Skrillex, AKB48 and Owl City will all be available on the "Wreck-It Ralph" soundtrack, which drops on October 30.

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