'Awkward' Star Ashley Rickards 'Nailed' Her MTV Audition

'Oh yeah! Celebration run!' actress said when landing 'Awkward' role, documented on Saturday's premiere of MTV's 'This Is How I Made It.'

"Awkward" star Ashley Rickards had been grinding away in Hollywood when the chance to audition for a spankin' new scripted MTV series came her way. Ahead of the audition, the Florida native had some minor parts here and there on various TV shows but then, MTV came calling.

Those up and downs will be remembered by the actress during the series premiere of MTV's latest series, "This Is How I Made It." On Saturday's premiere, the network star recalls her big break. And, it seems that it all happened rather un-awkwardly.

"Awkward was talked about as like a really good script," she says in the episode. "Went in, met with a few of the people on the project, went to a network test."

Turns out that whatever she did during that screen test was enough to not only dazzle the suits, but also the woman who created the series. "After the network test, I got a message from Lauren Iungerich, who's the writer and the creator and whole brain behind Awkward," Ashley said."She's like, Pssst! You nailed it!"

So, how did she celebrate nabbing the role of Jenna? "I was at the gym," she said. "I turned the elliptical up faster, like, Oh yeah! Celebration run!"

The episode will feature more from Rickards as she recalls her rise to the top. It will also include rapper 2 Chainz opening up about his friendship with Lil Wayne and his own path to glory.

"This Is How I Made It" debuts Saturday at 12 p.m. ET on MTV.