'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Opens Up About Separation Anxiety

'It was a rough patch,' Deena tells MTV News of being away from boyfriend Chris Buckner while filming the final season.

Deena Cortese has certainly made her mark on "Jersey Shore" since joining the cast in season three. The self-proclaimed "blast in a glass" made a memorable first impression on the house (and viewers) as she gave an impromptu strip tease for the "Situation" and partied hard with her meatball Snooki.

Yet, on the final season of "Jersey Shore," we are seeing a much more emotional side to Deena. She is still her bubbly and outgoing self, but she is struggling to adjust to life without her boyfriend of more than a year, Chris Buckner.

On Thursday night's back-to-back episodes, Deena breaks down over the phone to her mom, admitting that she's "not herself" this season.

MTV News recently spoke to Deena, who revealed that she was so distraught this summer in Seaside Heights because she has long suffered from separation anxiety.

"I've had separation anxiety since I was small, but then I kind of grew out of it, and now that I have Chris, I'm experiencing it again," Deena said. "And it was hard for me in the house, and luckily he was able to come down and see me. The roommates were there for me, and my parents were there for me. It was a rough patch, definitely a rough patch for me this season."

Deena, who admits that it took her a while to adjust without her boyfriend, also had to party without her partner-in-crime, Snooki, who was six months pregnant while filming the final season.

"It was rough for me in the beginning because I didn't have my meatball to drink with during the day," Deena said. "But [the roommates] really stepped up and tried to help me out, but she was there, and me and her got to bond on a completely different level. She really helped me through my rough patch."

Now, even though Deena had to deal with a lot of different emotions over the course of the season, her roommate Jenni "JWoww" Farley felt that, as a viewer of the show, seeing what Deena went through was very relatable.

"I think it's good that she went through it, because I feel like a lot of our viewers can relate to that," JWoww said. "And a lot of young girls, anyone in a relationship just knows that feeling. Going away to college, going home from college, when you've met someone there, it's like, I feel like all our life experiences in the show are so amazing for the viewers, and that's why they kept along with us till the very end."

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