Kid Rock Teams With Sean Penn, Buys A Prius In Political Short Film

'Thinking differently is what made this country great,' Rock tells MTV News about sharing his political views with his liberal friends.

[artist id="10551"]Kid Rock[/artist] and Sean Penn are about as diametrically opposed as two folks can be when it comes to, well, pretty much everything, though their political views might be the most glaring example.

Rock, as you're probably aware, considers himself a conservative, has supported George W. Bush in the past, and has leant his song "Born Free" to Mitt Romney's presidential bid. On the other side of the coin, Penn is about as liberal as Hollywood gets, speaking out in support of issues like same-sex marriage and the environment, and even lending a hand to victims of Hurricane Katrina (he used his other hand to clutch a shotgun).

And yet, they've both managed to put their differences aside for a new short film, called "Americans," which finds them poking fun at their opposing viewpoints and becoming fast friends over all the things that make this country great. The tone of the film is, of course, humorous — in one scene Rock begrudgingly buys a Prius, while in another, Penn sports a NASCAR T-shirt — though the point it makes is actually quite serious: Namely, that Americans need to end their vitriolic political exchanges before they tear this country apart.

And that's the same message Rock was spreading during an interview with MTV News last week, where he spoke about the politics he espouses on his upcoming Rebel Soul album but made a point of also mentioning that he finds nothing wrong with some good-natured debate. In fact, he said it's what makes this country great.

"People are so angry at each other whether their viewpoints," he said. "We can still have a conversation and be friends and be cordial, and maybe enlighten each other on some views. Thinking differently is what made this country great; people are so up-in-arms about the whole thing, it's like 'Don't let this tear our country apart, man. We're too good for that.'"

And to that end, Rock said that he's got plenty of friends that he doesn't see eye-to-eye with when it comes to politics, including Penn and Sheryl Crow, but that's beside the point. As he put it, if this country is truly a democracy, then everyone needs to be willing to listen to the other side.

"Some of my best friends [are liberal], trust me!" he laughed. "I see it like 'Everybody calm down a little bit, man.' We could have a conversation about it, and it's all good. I may have a valid point there and [Crow] might have one there, and it's nice to get enlightened about something I was maybe a little ignorant about."

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