One Direction Sign Sixth Member ... For A Can Of Soda?

Boy band allows football star Drew Brees to join the group in just-premiered Pepsi ad.

It's hard to believe there's any human on the face of the planet who doesn't know who Harry Styles is, but New Orleans Saints' own Drew Brees seems to have missed the One Direction boat.

In a spankin' new Pepsi ad, which premiered on Wednesday, the quarterback appears alongside the shaggy-haired singer and the entire 1D crew. In the comedic clip, they school him in just how famous One Direction are.

Set in the fictional green room of the equally fictional late-night talk show, "The Next Night Show," the advertisement kicks off rather harmlessly with a thirsty Harry grabbing a can of the soda.

There's one problem: Drew's also thirsty and that was the last can. When he assumes Harry will just hand him the drink based on his celebrity alone, Drew has no idea who he is dealing with, literally.

Upon asking just who the heck a Harry Styles is, his bandmates pop up and Drew is about to find out that the guys in One Direction are like really, really famous. They reveal they a platinum album, a Billboard cover and lots and lots screaming teen fans.

Not to be outdone, Brees points out he's won the Super Bowl, been awarded MVP status and has plenty of his own painted-up, screaming fans.

In the end, the guys decide to end their rivalry when Niall Horan suggests, "If you give him the Pepsi, you can be in the band." An enticed Brees hands over the drink and the rest is pop music history. The ad ends with all six members of One Direction belting out their tune, "Live While We're Young." There's only one problem, Drew can't sing.

The brand-new commercial not only allows the group to show off their funny bones, but it also serves as a reminder that their new album Take Me Home, featuring "LWWY," is only a month away from dropping. The band's sophomore release officially hits retailers on November 13 and it will feature tracks from Ed Sheeran and Dr. Luke.

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